Polyvel offers unique, market driven masterbatches to the plastics industry. Many of the additives are difficult to handle since they are liquids, volatile, or heat sensitive in their neat form. Polyvel converts them to easy to handle masterbatches using proprietary process and carrier technology.



for film & sheet material that has a tendency to adhere to itself 

commonly used in food packaging, these masterbatches eliminate water beading, maintaining film transparency

targeted chemistries for specific applications and polymers, for use in appliances, aqueous systems, and hospital wares

migratory and permanent solutions for electronic packaging and electrostatic sensitive applications

these masterbatches reduce opacity by modifying the polymer crystallinity

liquids, powders, and multi-functional systems on the polymer carrier of your choice

Electro-static Charge Retention

enhances the retention of electro-static charge applied to non-woven polypropylene fabrics

modifies the surface energy of the polymer to attract water in single and multilayer applications

modifies the surface energy of the polymer to repel water, alcohol, or blood in single and multilayer applications

improve the durability of injection molded or extruded parts

reduce CoF of finished parts or eject parts easier with custom concentrates based on: amides, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), oleates, silicones, and stearates

initiate crystal growth for reduced cycle time and physical property enhancement

reduce or neutralize malodors in both processing and end use applications

control rheology by increasing the melt flow of PP or crosslinking PE and EVA

increase the pliability of brittle materials, makes trimming easier by reducing rail chipping

PLA masterbatches in a dry, easy-to-handle pellet for enhancing PLA properties and processability

reduce melt fracture and increase throughput, reduce sharkskin

to impart "soft feel" at very low use levels to a wide variety of nonwoven products

heat sensitive polymers, outdoor applications, includes: antioxidants, heat stabilizers, light stabilizers