​Softening Agents

Softness is critical for delicate applications such as wipes, diapers and hygiene products, and while mechanical means of softening can contribute to a softer feel, Polyvel’s NH-P01 masterbatch creates superior softness by reducing surface coefficient of friction with out the need for additional processing steps.  This, combined with very low use levels, makes NH-P01 and extremely cost-effective means of adding soft feel to a wide variety of PP nonwoven products. 

NH-P01 imparts no color and can be mixed into any spun bond or melt blown grade of polypropylene.  There is no interference with bonding, little-to-no VOCs generated, and, like all of Polyvel’s masterbatches, NH-P01’s uniform, dust-free pellets can be introduced into nonwovens processes using standard pellet feeders.

Custom formulating is available upon request if you would like a particular loading or polymer carrier, or combined with other additives in a single-dose product.

NH-P01 complies with most international food contact regulations.

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Product: NH-P01

Industry: PP Nonwovens

Function: Softening Agent

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