Light & Oxygen Stabilizers


For these classes of additive packages, Polyvel has consistently provided customized additive packages through thorough diagnosis of the end use application. Because of the nuances of each application, Polyvel has found it unnecessary to provide a ‘stock’ line of additive packages, instead choosing to stay function specific. Our manufacturing capability allows us to work with a near limitless amount of thermoplastic resins, additives, and combinations thereof. These additive classes all work to prevent polymer degradation or improve process control. The many adverse effects of polymer degradation include, but are not limited to: discoloration, reduction in mechanical properties (which can lead to part failure), malodors, and the creation of gels. Process control is particularly important in the foaming process where cell size management can be a challenge.

UV Absorbers

UV Absorbers can be considered UV stabilizers. They function by protecting the polymer from oxidation and degradation brought on my ultra-violet light. Polyvel has the capability to compound benzophenones, benzotriazoles, oxanilides, metal oxides, and many other specialty UV absorbers.

Antioxidants (AO)

Antioxidants can perform many useful functions in a polymeric system. The primary purpose is to interrupt the oxidation reaction by terminating free radicals. Free radicals can be created by heat, environmental conditions, leftover catalyst, and other chemistries present in the polymer such as peroxides. Free radicals in a polymeric system ultimately lead to polymer degradation.

Light Stabilizers

Hindered amine stabilizers (HAS, originally referred to as hindered amine light stabilizers, HALS) prevent oxidation by scavenging free radicals. Both hindered amines and hindered phenols (a common AO chemistry) are high pKa chemicals that can discolor a polymer if dosed incorrectly. For this reason, proper guidance from Polyvel is important to each application.

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