Peroxide Rheology (Melt Flow) Modifiers


Polyvel markets a broad range of pelletized and granular peroxide masterbatches for polypropylene (PP) reprocessing, injection molding, fiber processing, and polyethylene or EVA crosslinking.

Using peroxide masterbatches is an effective way to reduce polypropylene viscosity (melt flow rate) for extrusion and injection molding. Peroxides also narrow the molecular weight distribution of polypropylene systems.

For the controlled crosslinking EVA and polyethylene: these masterbatches effectively crosslink resins without the creation of gels in film. It is possible to increase hot melt strength of resins during processing with Polyvel peroxide masterbatches.

The pelletized form of Polyvel’s peroxide masterbatches is safe, easy to handle and can be stored under normal warehouse conditions. Polyvel peroxide masterbatches have superb long-term storage stability. The level of active peroxide in the masterbatches remains constant after two years in storage.

For detailed product information and technical data on peroxide masterbatches, choose a specific Polyvel product below.

Product: CR5, CR10, CR20 & CR5P, CR10P & CR20P
Industry: Injection Molding, Compounding, Reprocessing
Function: PP flow modifiers

Polyvel Peroxide Masterbatches: CR-series

Using Polyvel’s CR-series peroxide masterbatches is a cost efficient way to increase the melt flow of polypropylene. These masterbatches will shorten injection molding cycle times resulting in cost savings.

Even at low letdowns (use rates) lower molding processing temperatures results in significantly reduced cycle times and increased productivity.

Aside from exceptional dispersion of peroxide throughout a polypropylene processing environment, Polyvel peroxide masterbatches offer the following major benefits:

1)  Safety in handling
2)  Safety in storage
3)  Easy uniform addition of peroxide to the compound or process
4)  Improved stability of the peroxide (increased shelf life)
5)  A very cost effective way to increase the melt flow rate of polypropylene
6)  Available at 5%, 10%, and 20% loadings, or tailored to your application

The following graph explains the effect of our peroxide masterbatches on the melt flow rate of polypropylene:


CR5, CR10 & CR20 are acceptable for food contact applications under FDA 21 CFR 177.1520. CR5P, CR10P, or CR20P are recommended for non-food contact applications.

Product: CR5PX, CR10PX, CR20PX, CR5PX2, CR10PX2, CR20PX2
Industry: Fiber Manufacturing, Reprocessing
Function: PP flow modifier, good for melt blown nonwovens

Peroxide Masterbatches

Polyvel’s introduced CRxPX-series peroxide masterbatches specifically for use in nonwovens applications to decrease polypropylene melt viscosity at typical polypropylene process conditions. CRxPX-series masterbatches are:

  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Stabile at typical warehouse conditions
  • Easy to dose with additive feeder
  • Easy to blend with pelletized polypropylene
  • No fillers to clog dies
  • Available at 5%, 10%, and 20% loadings, or tailored to your application

CRxPX-series masterbatches are a convenient way to produce value added, melt blown nonwovens products that

  • Utilizes recycle spun bond, low MFR resin into melt blown grade
  • Reduces diameter of melt blown fibers for improved:
  • absorbance (oil, water, etc.)
  • sound insulation
  • particulate filtration

The following graph shows the effect of CR20PX2, a 20% loaded masterbatch, on polypropylene melt flow rate.

Product: PCL5, PCL10, PCL15, PCL20 & PCL5P, PCL10P, PCL20P
Industry: Injection Molding, Foamed Products, Compounding, Reprocessing
Function: Crosslinking peroxide for PE and EVA

Peroxide Masterbatch

Polyvel’s PCL-series of peroxide masterbatches are a safe and easy to dose way to crosslink polyethylene (PE) and EVA copolymer. The benefits of crosslinked PE and EVA include:

  • Increased melt strength
  • Increased flexural strength
  • Enhanced cell stability
  • Increased tensile strength

The increase in these properties makes our PCL-series, available in 5-20% masterbatches, ideal for profile extrusion, blown films, and foamed products.

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