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PLA Additive Masterbatches
NatureWorks PLA (polylactic acid) resin is a sustainable and compostable polymer that is ideal for applications warranting environmental consciousness and a path to sustainability.


Polyvel is a leading manufacturer of NatureWorks PLA masterbatches in a dry, easy-to-handle pellet for enhancing NatureWorks properties and processability.


The masterbatches are used in these PLA processes:

-         extruded foam

-         cast or blown film and sheet

-         injection molding


Properties offered are:

-         melt strength increase

-         impact strength increase for clear and opaque applications

-         foam nucleation, clarity increase

-         antiblock

-         matte finish

-         mold release

-         flame retardant

-         custom formulation is available


Most Polyvel PLA masterbatches are compliant with FDA and EC food contact standards.

For detailed product information and technical data on PLA masterbatches, choose a specific Polyvel product below.


Product: PE-L01

Industry: Film/Sheet Manufacturing

Function: Matte finish with food contact clearance


Product: VB-L01 & CM-L01

Industry: Film/Sheet Manufacturing

Function: Slip agent / Release aid / Antiblock for PLA film


Product: HD-L01 & HD-L02

Industry: Film/Sheet Manufacturing, Injection Molding

Function: Clarifying agent with food contact clearance


Product: CN-L01 & CN-L02

Industry: Foam Manufacturing

Function: Nucleating agent and clarifier with food contact clearance


Product: CT-L02 & CT-L03

Industry: Film/Sheet Manufacturing

Function: Increases PLA melt strength


Product: CP-L01

Industry: Film/Sheet Manufacturing

Function: Clear plasticizer with food contact clearance