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Polyvel markets a broad range of pelletized and granular peroxide masterbatches for polypropylene (PP) reprocessing, injection molding, fiber processing, and polyethylene or EVA crosslinking.


Using peroxide masterbatches is an effective way to reduce polypropylene viscosity (melt flow rate) for extrusion and injection molding. Peroxides also narrow the molecular weight distribution of polypropylene systems.


For the controlled crosslinking EVA and polyethylene: these masterbatches effectively crosslink resins without the creation of gels in film. It is possible to increase hot melt strength of resins during processing with Polyvel peroxide masterbatches.


The pelletized form of Polyvelís peroxide masterbatches is safe, easy to handle and can be stored under normal warehouse conditions. Polyvel peroxide masterbatches have superb long-term storage stability. The level of active peroxide in the masterbatches remains constant after two years in storage.

For detailed product information and technical data on peroxide masterbatches, choose a specific Polyvel product below.


Product: CR5 & CR5P

Industry: Injection Molding, Compounding, Reprocessing

Function: PP flow modifiers


Product: CR5PX2

Industry: Fiber Manufacturing, Reprocessing

Function: PP flow modifier, good for melt blown nonwovens


Product: PCL-5

Industry: Injection Molding, Foamed Products, Compounding, Reprocessing

Function: Crosslinking peroxide for PE and EVA