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Polyethylene (PE) Antifogs

 At Polyvel, we are continuously improving our antifog offerings to maintain our industry leading performance and cost effectiveness. VF-E01 is the latest development for polyethylene applications, both hot and cold, where superior antifog performance is required.

Fogging, particularly in food packaging, is created when water vapor condenses on the surface of a film. Condensation of water vapor is created by a temperature gradient up to and across a film. The appearance of condensation is also affected by the difference in surface tension between condensed water vapor and the film’s surface. Polyvel uses a proprietary blend of additives that migrate to the surface of the film or sheet and reduce the surface tension of the water droplets that may form. Internal additives must maintain a balance of incompatibly that allows them to migrate while not easily ‘washing’ off and out of the polymer matrix. They must also comply with durability criteria that will give them a time period of effectiveness that is suitable to the application.


VF-E01 works faster and at lower levels than previous generations of antifogs, giving a better film surface with less added cost. VF-E01 is a dry, dust-less, pelletized masterbatch that is easily incorporated into film or sheet by separately feeding or by dry (salt and pepper) blending upstream. The carrier is based on polyethylene and will mix well with low density, linear low density, and most ethylene copolymers. As always, working with Polyvel means that we are willing and able to customize the loading of additive or the carrier system to best suit your needs. This product is designed for use in extruded film and sheet or blown film.


Typical Physical Properties




Carrier resin



Typical letdown


2.0 – 8.0



Organic, antifog




Pellet count


50 +/- 10


VF-E01 complies with FDA, EU, and many international food packaging standards. Please contact us for your specific application.

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