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High Load GMS Masterbatches

Glyceryl monostearate (GMS) is a multifunctional additive that Polyvel incorporates into an easily handled, dry pellet. The masterbatches contain no fillers, making them ideal for clear film applications.


Common uses for GMS include:
            -    Antistat

-    Foam stabilizer

-    Process aid

-    Reduce coefficient of friction

-    Release aid


GMS masterbatches are available for polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) systems.

For detailed product information and technical data on GMS masterbatches, choose a specific Polyvel product below.


Product: CM-P01

Industry: Film/Sheet Manufacturing, Injection Molding

Function: 20% loaded GMS masterbatch for PP


Product: HS-E01 & HS-E02

Industry: Film/Sheet ManufacturingInjection Molding

Function: 50% loaded GMS masterbatch for PE