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Polyvel is recognized as the leader in fragrance masterbatch technology and has marketed its product line for over 30 years.


Fragranced plastic is used in toys, air fresheners, film products, odor maskants, advertising promotional items, and other applications. The masterbatches are used in injection molding and film processes as supplied or diluted with virgin resin. Application resins include polyethylene, polypropylene,  and EVA.


Fragrance masterbatches are a convenient way to add fragrance to plastic molded parts or films. They are used like a color masterbatches i.e. salt and pepper blends with virgin resin or fed with a separate volumetric or gravimetric feeder.


Pelletized fragrance masterbatches are free flowing pellets. Problems with handling the liquid fragrance are eliminated.


Typical Properties:



Fragrance Loading (%wt)


P-series (polyethylene)

Direct use, film, molding, extrusion



PP-series (polypropylene)

Film, molding, extrusion



E-series (EVA)

Direct use, molding



Nomenclature: Fragrance masterbatches are named with the above prefixes followed by one letter and three digits that define the specific fragrance composition, vendor, color (if any), decorative effect, and anything else specific to that product.

End products made from a fragrance masterbatch should be packaged in a barrier material such as nylon or EVOH film to retain the migrating fragrance. For more information or to order a sample, please contact us.