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Peroxide Masterbatches

Polyvelís CR5PX2 peroxide masterbatch decreases polypropylene melt viscosity at typical polypropylene process conditions. CR5PX2 is:

  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Stabile at typical warehouse conditions
  • Easy to dose with additive feeder
  • Easy to blend with pelletized polypropylene
  • No fillers to clog dies
  • Available at 5%, 10%, and 20% loadings, or tailored to your application

CR5PX2 is a convenient way to produce value added, melt blown nonwovens products that

  • Utilizes recycle spun bond, low MFR resin into melt blown grade
  • Reduces diameter of melt blown fibers for improved:
    • absorbance (oil, water, etc.)
    • sound insulation
    • particulate filtration

The following graph shows the effect of CR20PX2, a 20% loaded masterbatch, on polypropylene melt flow rate.
Please contact us for any questions regarding this information or other Polyvel additive masterbatches.