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Polyvelís VF- series of antifog additives are used in polyethylene and polypropylene packaging where moisture can condense into an opaque layer of droplets on the inside package surface and obscure the package contents. The antifog increases the filmís surface energy so that the water forms a continuous transparent film rather than the droplets.


Polyvel antifog masterbatches are free flowing pellets easily metered with standard volumetric feeders.


Our antifog masterbatches are used at low concentrations so they donít interfere with multilayer film lamination, heat sealability, or printability. Additional slip additives typically arenít needed in these films.


All Polyvel antifog masterbatches are compliant with FDA and EC food contact standards.

For detailed product information and technical data on antifog masterbatches, choose a specific Polyvel product below.


Product: VF-E01

Industry: Film/Sheet Manufacturing

Function: Hot and cold antifog masterbatch for LDPE, LLDPE, and mPE


Product: VF-P01, VF-P06

Industry: Film/Sheet Manufacturing

Function: Hot and cold antifog masterbatches for PP