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Injection Molding


Polyvel additive masterbatches for the injection molding market are among the most advanced and cost saving additive masterbatch systems available today. We have developed our line of injection molding grade additive masterbatches to perform superior in dispersion and distribution of the additive within the base polymer resin than other concentrates available on the market today.


Furthermore, we have created some of the highest loaded additive masterbatches available on the market that allows for lower use levels of masterbatch and subsequent cost savings to the masterbatch user.


The combination of cost savings and efficiency has made Polyvel additive masterbatches valuable components in many injection molding facilities across the globe.

Within the market of injection molding we have developed unique high performance additive masterbatches in the product categories of:


Clarifying Agents


GMS (Foam stabilizer, Antistat, Release aid)

Mold Release, Slip Agents, and Internal Lubricants


PLA Additives

Custom Concentrates & Compounds


Each of these masterbatch systems has been developed as high performance, cost saving alternatives to materials currently available within the industry.