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Industries Served

Polyvel products are used in the following markets and are the most advanced and economical additive masterbatches available today.



Fiber Manufacturing

Polyvelís line of additive masterbatches for melt blown and spun-bond nonwoven fiber manufacturing market include: melt viscosity modifiers, alcohol repellents, hydrophobics, and hydrophilics.


Film and Sheet Manufacturing 

From standard LDPE to advanced metallocene resins, Polyvel additive concentrates for use in film production are the perfect solution to a variety of additive integration needs.



PolyScentTM fragrance masterbatches are used in a wide range of applications such as home, automotive, industrial air fresheners, toys, and sachets. Polyvel has also developed an odor absorbing masterbatch.


Foamed Products 

Polyvel offers antistats for polyethylene (PE) and nucleating and melt strength agents for PLA. Blowing agent masterbatches are also available.


Injection Molding 

A wide array of products is available for molders including, but not limited to: process aids, mold release aids, internal lubricants, and impact modifiers.
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